Top Five Advantages of Selecting Rimless Eye wear

The history of the rimless eye wear dates back to the 19th century where the rimless glasses were manufactured without nose pads with the bridge and the temple arms directly mounted on to the lenses. These were popularly known as “Riding Temples” and were manufactured until 1920. After which, rimless eye wear with nose pads were introduced which were equally popular. The popularity of rimless glasses has remained intact from the 19th century up to the modern times. Although the craze for rimless glasses has dwindled at times, it has never been out of fashion totally because the absence of the rims allows complete customization of shapes. It is perfect for those who prefer to have a clean and transparent look with minimal style. As compared to the conventional metal eyeglasses and semi rimless eye glasses, rimless eye wear have their own set of advantages some of which are given below.

  1. Fashionable and classy

Rimless eye wear gives you the classy and the trendier look. Since these glasses have no frames, they appear invisible and tend to reveal more of the face. This is why, such glasses are preferred as compared to the metal eye glasses or semi rimless eye glasses, as these glasses can actually accentuate your looks.

  1. Light weight

Rimless eyewear are very light as compared to the traditional metal eye glasses or even semi rimless eye glasses because of which it can be worn for a very long time without being tired. Because of it being light weight there is also reduction in the dents in the nose pads which otherwise looks very bad on the face.

  1. Comfortable and durable

Rimless eye wear involves a simple and almost negligible frame structure which is comprises of the nose bridge and the temples. With the help of the tiny screws, the two lenses of the rimless eye wear are attached at nose bridge. Thus the absence of frames makes these glasses very comfortable and convenient for the users. In most of the rimless eye wear, titanium is used in the manufacturing of these almost negligible frame structures thus, facilitating a pair of rimless eye wear to include exceptional strength, adaptability and long lasting stability.

  1. Vision correction

When compared to the traditional metal eyeglasses or semi rimless eye glasses, rimless eye wear is an efficient means of vision correction. These eyeglasses are convenient for both farsightedness and near sightedness vision correction. It is therefore suggested by many physicians across the world. The trendy design of the eyeglass does not hinder the quality of your vision.

  1. Cost effective

As the frame material required to manufacture rimless eye wear is almost negligible, there is noticeably quite a good amount of savings as compared to the semi rimless eye glasses. There may be significant variations in the price of the rimless glasses depending on the manufacturer, but these glasses can still be procured at comparatively reasonable price because of the reduction in the cost of production.

These ate thus the primary five advantages of selecting rimless eye glasses over the traditional metal eye glasses or semi rimless eye glasses.

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How to choose the perfect frame for your eyeglasses

The glasses are the most noticeable part of any individual. Every one you meet will be looking straight into your glasses. This is one of the reasons why you need to put an effort in selecting the right frame for your eyeglasses. While shopping for eye wear is not as easy as it seems, there are many factors which have to be considered and cannot be overlooked. These include practicality, comfort ability and the latest trend.

In order to avoid any complications while viewing, you have to ensure that the glasses you buy have the correct prescription at the same time you will also prefer to have glasses that are comfortable and something that looks good on your face. Given below are some of the tips that will help you in selecting the right pair of eyeglasses.

  1. Determine the shape of your face.

It is very important for you to know your face shape, before buying the eye glasses for yourself. Generally, there are 7 face shapes: round, heart shaped, triangular, square, rectangular, oblong and oval.

  1. Select frames that are opposite to your face shape.

In order to enhance your looks always select frames that are opposite to the shape of your face.

  • Angled or square glasses frames look good on round faces. They give a longer and the slimmer look to the face.
  • Frames that have a wider bottom look good on heart shaped faces which are generally wide in the forehead and need width to the lower part of the face. Light colored frames or rimless eye wear can be used to give the desired effect.
  • Round or oval eyeglass frames look good on square faces. For those with heavy jawline, suitable frame style would be the narrow ones which have more width than dept. Such eyeglass frames will make your face look sleek.
  • Round frames look good on the rectangular faces as they provide the required width to the face.
  • Round or curved eyeglasses frames suit the faces that are oblong in shape. These frames conceal the length of the face and put more emphasis on its width. Those with the oblong faces must choose frames in which the upper and the lower rims are equal in shape.
  • Oval face shapes are the most ideal face type and the frames of any type looks good on them. People with this face type can go in for rimless eye wear. They can even try semi rimless eye wear.
  1. Select the type of the frame according to your requirement.

The selection of the appropriate frames for your eyeglasses depends on your use. If you are a sports person and require comfortable glasses, you can choose flexible wire rimless eye wear and in order to incorporate the business look for the professional purpose, you can go in for classic eye glasses frames which consists of bendable Titanium eyeglasses frames, rimless and semi rimless eye wear frames.

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